World, meet Maddy.

Maddy is a senior this year who I met through a friend of mine. If you can't tell from these pictures, Maddy is creative and adorable, and I had an absolute blast photographing her.

Check it out.

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Meet Jessica and Jennifer.

I met them in high school and they are two of the sweetest girls I know. They asked me to photograph them before Jessica left for college in the fall, so we headed out to one of my favorite spots last Saturday to take some pictures.

These girls are beautiful. Check it out.

This shoot was special not only because I got to photograph Jessica and Jennifer, but because I got to bring a sweet little girl named Carina with me as well.

Carina is a super cool ten-year-old I met at a family camp I volunteered at a few weeks ago. She wants to be a photographer when she grows up, so I taught her a few things and let her photograph Jessica and Jennifer with me. Let me tell you, this girl is going to change the world someday. What a sweetheart.